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[Patch Note] Patch Notes - V.1.7.20 [Original Server]

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In this patch, we'll focus on evaluating the balance of hero mechanics, particularly the irresistibility of heroes such as Beatrix, Wanwan, Valentina, Natalia, and Yin in specific scenarios. We'll also continue to optimize the less popular heroes (heroes with low strength, low pick rates, or those that haven't been seen for a long time in higher levels of play) and make appropriate adjustments to overperforming heroes and specific battlefield mechanics.

We redesigned Lesley's and Gusion's looks and revamped their models, animations, and visual effects. The overall quality is greatly upgraded.

[Revamped Hero: Deadly Sniper - Lesley]
Hero Feature: A lethal sniper excelling in camouflage and killing foes.
We've made Lesley's Passive effect more solid, and to balance her performance throughout the game, we've also changed the damage of some of her skills.

Base Attack: 131 >> 140
Attack Growth: 9 >> 7
Attack Speed Ratio: 100% >> 80%

[Passive - Lethal Shot]
Lethal Shot crits now deal True Damage but the base Crit Damage is reduced.
Each point of fixed Physical Penetration is converted into Crit Damage at a set ratio.
Damage: 120% Physical Attack >> 110% Physical Attack
Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Crit Chance from this skill.

[Skill 1 - Master of Camouflage]
Comes with brand-new textures while Camouflaged to better fit the effect, and we've also improved it for smoother combos with Basic Attacks.
Extra Physical Attack: 75-200 >> 85-135
Fixed an issue where some equipment could not get bonus Attack from this skill.

[Skill 2 - Tactical Grenade]
Slightly increased the casting range, redesigned the animation and visual effects, and optimized its combos with Basic Attacks and Skill 1.

[Ultimate - Ultimate Snipe]
Redesigned the indicator and visual effects.
Fatal Bullet's Base Damage: 200-300 >> 250-350
New Passive Effect: Gains Critical Chance based on the skill level (5%-15%)

[Revamped Hero: Holy Blade - Gusion]
Hero Feature: A nimble assassin capable of weaving in and out of combat.
We redesigned Gusion's skill and recall animations and added a special combo animation when he casts skills in succession, so he can now travel through the battlefield in a cooler and more dashing manner.

[Passive - Dagger Specialist]
Adjusted the effect so it's now triggered on each skill cast and can stack up to 4 times. The Basic Attack strengthening effect increases with the stack count.
Damage Per Stack: 4% of target's lost HP (up to 4 stacks, 16% in total)
HP Regen: 80% of his damage >> 50 per stack + 25% Magic Power (up to 4 stacks)
Fixed an issue where enhanced Basic Attacks could not be triggered in certain situations.

Heroes with major adjustments in this patch include: Beatrix, Wanwan, Natalia, Valentina, Yin, Faramis, Johnson, Alice, Minsitthar, Moskov, Badang, Pharsa, Valir, Bruno and Fredrinn.

The following uses (↑) (↓) (~) to indicate Buff, Nerf, and Adjustment.

Beatrix can switch weapons to adapt to various situations and stay competitive, so it's quite hard to deal with her for the other side. Thus, we decided to restrain her abilities a little bit tweaking her reloading style (higher Attack Speed bonus), making it more difficult to deal the most damage possible (nerfing her aim or max damage), and optimizing her on other suboptimal experience. We want to make her difficult-to-maneuver skills easier to aim and increase the power of her less popular weapons.

[Basic Attack](~)

[All Weapons]
Reloading time slightly increased.
Reloading time now decreases greatly as Attack Speed increases.

[Renner (Sniper Rifle)](↓)
Damage: 350-525% Physical Attack >> 365-400% Physical Attack
Hitbox increased to 1.5 times the original.
You can now swipe to get the skill indicator while she's reloading (indicator is red while reloading).

[Wesker (Shotgun)](↓)
Damage: 125-195% Physical Attack >> 150%-220% Physical Attack
Hitbox Width: Reduced to 75% initial hitbox width.
Damage of Successive Hits: Each decays by 70% until the damage reaches to 40% initial damage >> Each deals 25% initial damage. (The total damage she can make at close distances is greatly reduced, and she must be fairly close to hit with multiple hits. This prevents Wesker from producing too high damage at close distances.)

[Bennett (Grenade Gun)](↑)
Damage: 180-320% Physical Attack >> 230-300% Physical Attack
Slow Effect: 30% >> 40%

Nibiru (Submachine Gun)(↑)
Damage: 50-67.5% Physical Attack >> 52.5-70% Physical Attack


>[Renner (Sniper Rifle)](↓)
Aim Time: 20s >> 8s
Lifesteal: 50% >> 25%
Canceling a cast only loses 50% Cooldown.

[Wesker (Shotgun)(↓)
Damage: 295-445 + 110% Physical Attack »> 350-550 + 130% Physical Attack
Hitbox Width: Reduced to 75% initial hitbox width.
Damage of Successive Hits: 75%, 50% and 25% initial damage (remains at 25% for all the successive hits) >> Each deals 25% initial damage. (The total damage she can make at close distances is greatly reduced, and she must be fairly close to hit with multiple hits.)
Lifesteal Gain: 50% >> 25%

[Bennett (Grenade Gun)](↑)
Slow Effect: 30% >> 40%

[Nibiru (Submachine Gun)](↓)
Damage: 6 times >> 10 times
Damage Per Hit: 200-320 + 60% Physical Attack >> 130-210 + 40% Physical Attack
Damage per hit reduced by around 35%; total damage increased by around 10%.

We had reduced her Passive from 4 to 3 stacks to give Wanwan more chances to use her Ultimate. We want to retain this change while still giving the enemy a greater chance to counter her. Wanwan will now need to choose her targets more carefully instead of just farming stacks in the front row and locking on to squishier targets farther back.

Cooldown: 40-34s >> 50-42s
Her Ultimate can no longer be used on any target after breaking an enemy's weaknesses but must be used on that target.

We wanted to give other heroes a better chance against her, so we nerfed her ability to silence enemies and enhanced her Basic Attacks.

Removed Slow Effect.
Silence Effect: Silences the target for 1s after marking them twice >> Silences the target for 0.25s every time they are marked

Becomes Exposed to a Nearby Enemy: 2s after the enemy moved into range >> 0.6s after the enemy moved into range.
Cannot be targeted by smart skill targeting or Basic Attacks.
Unified the range of different exclamation marks.
Optimized Skill Description

Cooldown: 2s (varies based on Cooldown Reduction) >> 3s (fixed)

Adiusted the mechanics of Valentina's Ultimate and lowered the control duration of her Skill 1 to address her irresistibility under specific conditions.

[Skill 1](↓)
Terror Duration: 0.7s >> 0.6s

Cooldown: 42s >> 55s
Valentina now gains the ability to hit enemies' weaknesses after stealing Wanwan's Ultimate and needs to hit all three weaknesses of an enemy to cast the Ultimate.
Valentina now unlocks the Rage mechanic after stealing Minotaur's Ultimate and needs to reach maximum Rage to cast the enhanced Ultimate.
Damage of the Ultimate stolen from X.Borg is now the same as the lower damage when X.Borg's Firaga Armor is destroyed, instead of that when his Firaga Armor is active.

Increased the delay before Yin can pull his target into his domain so they may have more time to reposition themselves or move away from Yin. This will also help them keep their distance from Yin when they're sent out of the domain.

[Skill 1](↑)
Cooldown: 11-8s >> 10-7s

[Skill 2](↑)
Damage Reduction: 25% >> 30%

Increased the delay before the target’s actually pulled into the domain.

Tuned down Faramis's power as he was incredibly powerful in both Ranked and pro matches.

[Skill 1](↓)
Cooldown: 15s >> 18s

[Skill 2](↓)
Initial Damage: 330-480 + 144% Magic Power >> 300-450 + 108% Magic Power

Base Extra HP: 700-900 + 15% HP >> 600-800 + 10% HP

To form the double-Ultimate combo, Johnson had to spend a lot of time circling the battlefield, which led to a poor gameplay experience. The chain control from double Ultimate casts also makes it difficult for the enemies to react. We expect to fix this through the following adjustment.

Cooldown: 45-40s (calculated after the skill is cast) >> 36-30s (calculated after the skill ends)

Currently, Alice's attributes and role make it hard for her to settle on a build. We'd like to strengthen her role as a tanky mage and promote the mechanic around her blood orbs. Compared to Magic Power, Alice will now benefit more from equipment featuring Mana and durability. We've also updated Alice's default recommended gear.

HP Growth: 201 >> 169
Mana Growth: 110 >> 0

New Effect: 2 blood orbs will appear when enemy heroes die nearby. Alice can absorb the orbs, each of which can permanently increase her Max Mana by 20.
Effect Removed: Restores 50 Mana upon absorbing an orb.
For every 12 orbs absorbed, increases 10% Cooldown Reduction >> increases Mana Regen

Mana Cost: 40-80 >> 60-140
HP Regen: 60-80 + 20% Magic Power >> 60-100 + 10% Magic Power
Damage: 120-160 + 50% Magic Power >> 60-120 + 20% magic attacks + (0.5-1.5% + 0.5% per 1000 Max Mana) Max HP
Percent Damage Dealt to Non-hero Units Based on Max HP: Capped at 600

Improved Minsitthar's roaming and CC abilities.

[Skill 2](↑)
Base Shield: 200-600 >> 350-600
Slightly increased bullet speed and hitbox

Now disables all Blink/Dash skills (e.g., Saber's Ultimate, Wanwan's Passive, Ruby's Passive) of the affected enemies.

Increased the effect of Moskov's Ultimate to match the high difficulty of hitting an enemy from afar; also slightly reduced his Skill 1's Attack Speed boost to balance out the previous buff to Inspire.

[Skill 1](↓)
Attack Speed Boost: 1.4-1.7 Times >> 1.3-1.5 Times

30% Slow for 1.5s (Up to 90% Slow) >> 50% Slow for 1s (Up to 5s)
Cooldown: 45-35s >> 55-45s

We've improved Badang's recharge speed in the early game to make him easier to lane with while still keeping his damage balanced.

[Skill 1](~)
Charge: 13-10s >> 11-8s
Initial Attack's Base Damage: 210-360 >> 160-260
Successive Attacks' Base Damage: 115-210 >> 120-195

Pharsa kind of lost some charm since last nerf, so we decided to partly revert previous adjustments and optimize her.

Damage: 150 + 120% Magic Power >> (8% + 1% per 200 Magic Power) Max HP
Fixed an issue where Spiritual Unity could not benefit from Magic Power and Spell Vamp from equipment.

Cooldown: 46-38s >> 42-34s

Valir has a hard time hitting enemies consistently during late-game teamfights, and so we're slightly boosting his ability during the late game.

[Skill 1](↑)
Charge: 8.5s >> 9-7.5s

[Skill 2](↑)
Optimized the casting of skills. The animation now matches whether or not the skill is successfully cast.

We've made Bruno somewhat easier to play and optimized how he catches the ball.

[Skill 1](↑)
Bruno now gains 30% extra Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds when his Powerball hits an enemy.

Optimized the casting experience of some skills.

[Skill 1](↑)
Slightly reduced cast backswing time.

[Skill 2](↑)
Fixed an issue where the dash would end as he hit an enemy behind him. (This will make the skill a more reliable escape tool.)

Greatly reduced cast backswing time.

Enhanced the Basic Attack strengthening effect of Granger's Skill 2. This will also increase his skill cap.

[Skill 2](↑)
Basic Attack Damage Boost: 10-30% >> 25-40%

Enhance the damage of Lapu-Lapu's Ultimate so he can dish out more damage in teamfights.

[Ultimate (Enhanced)](↑)
First Two Attacks' Damage: 300-450 + 140% Physical Attack >> 380-580 + 160% Physical Attack

Improved its early and mid-game damage and sustain.

[Skill 2](↑)
Base Damage: 200-400 >> 250-450
Base HP Regen: 160-285 >> 200-300

We hope that the following changes will give Jawhead an easier time in the EXP lane.

[Skill 1](↑)
Damage: 125-220 + 25% Physical Attack >> 150-250 + 30% Physical Attack

Julian was still rather durable in the early game despite the previous nerfs on him.

All Skills' Cooldowns: 7s >> 10-6.5s (decreases as he levels up)

Masha is still great at pushing lanes and soaking damage even during high-ranked play and so we're tuning her tankiness down a bit.

HP Growth: 165 >> 145

Physical Lifesteal at 2 HP Bars: 25% >> 15%
Physical Lifesteal at 1 HP Bar: Total value remains unchanged.

Slightly reduced Fanny's durability to give her opponents a better chance against her.

Base Physical Defense: 19 >> 16
Physical Attack Growth: 13.25 >> 10.25

[Skill 2](~)
Optimized the skill's Camera Shift. The camera view will now correctly pan in the designated directions.

Slightly reduced Aldous's durability to give his opponents a better chance against him.

Base HP: 2718 >> 2668
HP Growth: 210 >> 190

1. Optimized Gord's Ultimate so its direction will no longer be changed by Knockback and Terror effects or Gord's own Flicker cast.

2. Optimized some heroes' Basic Attack controls (Sun, Moskov, Zhask, etc). Their Attack Speed will develop more smoothly if they build Attack Speed.

3. Optimized the cast of Zhask's Skill 2. Zhask will now cast laser when the Nightmaric Spawn does.

[New Skins]

October Starlight Skin - Eudora "Cosmic Voyage" will be available on 10/01.

November Starlight Skin - Popol and Kupa "Trouble Makers" will be available on 11/01.

Kagura's "Exorcist" skin from The Exorcists event will be available for a limited time between 10/03 and 11/16.

Yu Zhong "Exorcist Yu Zhong" from The Exorcists event will be available for a limited time between 10/03 and 11/16.

Badang "Pegasus Seiya" will be available in the MLBB X Saint Seiya event on 10/24

Badang "Sagittarius Seiya" will be available in the MLBB X Saint Seiya event on 10/ 24.

Valir "Leo Ikki" will be available in the MLBB X Saint Seiya event on 10/24.

Chou "Libra Shiryu" will be available in the MLBB X Saint Seiya event on 10/24.

Chou "Dragon Shiryu" will be available for a limited time starting from 10/27 for 1288 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.

Valir "Phoenix Ikki" will be available for a limited time starting from 11/03 for 1288 Diamonds. Launch week 30% OFF.

Cecilion "Crimson Wings" will be available in Grand Collection on 11/05.

Lots of skins for Lesley and Gusion are back from the revamp and will be available soon.

We've improved the Zilong "Summer Waves", Guinevere "Summer Breeze", Guinevere "Psion of Tomorrow", Irithel "Astral Wanderer", Alucard "Lightborn Striker", Roger "Dr Beast", and Cecilion "Stargazer" skins. Stay tuned!

[Fragment Shop Adjustments]
Fragment Shop Adjustments on 09/21 (Server Time)

a. Premium Skin Fragment Shop:
Will be Available: Gord "New Baron"
Will be Unavailable: Aurora "Nature's Throne"

b. Rare Skin Fragment Shop: Will be Available: Zilong "Eastern Warrior", Freya "Dragon Hunter", Roger "Anubis", Karina "Black Pearl", Lunox "Bloody Mary"
Will be Unavailable: Moskov "Snake Eye Commander", Martis "Searing Maw", Alice "Steam Glider", Karrie "Dragon Queen", Grock "Grave Guardian"

c. Hero Fragment Shop:
Will be Available: Valir, Chou, Ruby, Popol and Kupa Will be Unavailable: Sun, Luo Yi, Benedetta, Vale [Free Heroes]

8 Free Heroes: 09/23/2022 05:01:00 to 09/30/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Yu Zhong, Selena, Baxia, Roger, Kagura, Mathilda, Natalia, Lunox

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Phoveus, Guinevere, Thamuz, Harith, Kadita, Clint

8 Free Heroes: 09/30/2022 05:01:00 to 10/07/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Fanny, X.Borg, Helcurt, Estes, Alice, Edith, Phoveus, Silvanna

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Mathilda, Khaleed, Natalia, Minsitthar, Floryn, Karina

8 Free Heroes: 10/07/2022 05:01:00 to 10/14/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Kimmy, Johnson, Roger, Hylos, Argus, Lunox, Luo Yi, Alucard

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Lancelot, Aamon, Ruby, Brody, Lylia, Paquito

8 Free Heroes: 10/14/2022 05:01:00 to 10/21/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Valentina, Cyclops, Zhask, Selena, Belerick, Sun, Benedetta, Khaleed

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Yi Sun-shin, Wanwan, Hanabi, Minotaur, Lapu-Lapu, Terizla

8 Free Heroes: 10/21/2022 05:01:00 to 10/28/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Chou, Brody, Diggie, Pharsa, Badang, Valir, Karina, Phoveus

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Popol and Kupa, Chang'e, Clint, Kaja, Franco, Cecilion

8 Free Heroes: 10/28/2022 05:01:00 to 11/04/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Hylos, Bane, Moskov, Terizla, Popol and Kupa, Dyrroth, Irithel, Akai

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Gusion, Vexana, Kagura, Estes, Kimmy, Martis

8 Free Heroes: 11/04/2022 05:01:00 to 11/11/2022 05:00:00 (Server Time)
Ling, Aulus, Guinevere, Alpha, Gloo, Gusion, Cecilion, Clint

6 Extra Starlight Member Heroes:
Beatrix, Claude, Khufra, Aurora, Benedetta, Granger

[Sanctum Island Theme]
Comprehensive optimization, including the ground surface patterns, bushes, lighting and shadows, and the texture of metal objects. Turrets on the Sanctum Island map are also redesigned to feature a heavy crossbow on top, along with new attack animations.

[New Item: Magic Sentry]
Function: A Magic Sentry spawns at that side behind the base's walls whenever a side loses an Inner Turret. It triggers when a hero steps within the area, lighting up that side's Jungle for 6 seconds. Can be used once per 90 seconds. (Reveals invisible units)

Gains from Fixed Penetration have significantly increased ever since the Penetration algorithm adjustment last June. We decided to keep Fixed Penetration's early-game strength but lower its dominance in the mid to late game by increasing all heroes' defense scaling.
After this update, Fixed Penetration-focused builds may still help you forge an early lead, but the effect will gradually decrease as the match goes on. Meanwhile, squishy heroes will now gain a reasonable durability boost by simply purchasing the Defense Boots. We'll keep a close eye on the impact of this adjustment.

[All Heroes](↑)

Physical & Magic Defense Growth: +0.5 (+7 at Max Level)
Adjusted Kagura's base Magic Defense so it's now the same as most heroes'.
Base Magic Defense: 10 >> 15
Base HP: 2556 >> 2496


[Glowing Wand](↑)
Radiant Armor's been a hard counter against multi-hit mages as well as Glowing Wand. To address this, we modified Glowing Wand's effect so it can now provide a reasonable damage boost in all scenarios.
Revamped: Skills burn the target for 3s, dealing 1.5% of their Max HP as Magic Damage per second and increasing their Magic Damage taken by 2-4 (up to 6 stacks).

[Athena's Shield](↑)
We'd like to maintain its ability to counter bursting damage (short-time effective) while reducing the impact of attrition on it.
Trigger Condition: Leave combat for 10s >> Leave combat for 5s

[Rapid Boots](↑)
The huge gap between Rapid Boots' Movement Speed boosts in and out of combat makes it a bit too strong for specific heroes but also unappealing to the rest. We expect the following adjustments to be the fix.
Craft Price: 850 >> 750
Movement Speed Boost: 80 >> 70
Movement Speed Reduction in Battle: 40 >> 25

[Battle Spells]

Slightly reduced Sprint's Movement Speed boost, as the Slow Immunity's proved too powerful.
Movement Speed Boost: Minimum 50%, the initial value higher >> Constant 50%

[Ice Retribution](↓)
Duration: 5s >> 4s

[Flame Retribution](↓)
Duration: 5s >> 4s

[Bloody Retribution](↑)
Duration: 5s >> 4s
Total Damage and Lifesteal remain unchanged.

1. Re-optimized the early-game laning experience so you can now score the last hit more easily when attacking minions.

2. Reduced minions damage on heroes to make it easier for low HP heroes to deal with minions alone in the late game.

3. The base now has higher Damage Reduction when there are no enemy minions nearbv.

4. Optimized the in-match signals so you can now send multiple signals in succession to notify your teammates.

5. Adjusted some heroes' recommended lanes based on statistical data (e.g., Akai: Roaming/EXP Lane >> Roaming/Jungle)


1. S25-RON will end at 09/23/2022 23:59:59 (Server Time).

2. Players at Master or higher ranks can claim Uranus "Earthen Relic" as a Season Finale reward. S26-EMG will start from 09/24/2022 02:00:00 (Server Time).

[S26 First Recharge Event]
1. Recharge 20 Diamonds to claim S26 First Recharge Avatar Border for free!

2. Recharge any amount to purchase the S26 First Recharge Exclusive Skin Faramis "Ivy Feathers" for only 100 Diamonds. Recharge for 3 days to purchase Rename Card (7-Day) for only 50 Diamonds.

[New Patch Bonus]

Plenty of new special events will be available, featuring brand-new skins, avatar borders, battle emotes and permanent heroes for free.

Take part in the new events from 09/20 to 10/16 and collect Harley's Books to exchange for tons of amazing rewards! You can get Harley's Books from Harley's Magic Show, Harley's Recharge Gift, Login Gift, Weekend Surprise, and Match Challenge, with a chance to unlock Harley's new skin, Harley "Starcaster"

Get more benefits from:

Legends Return (09/20 - 10/09): Take part to unlock to get exclusive perks and get free Avatar Border Choice Chests.

Free Access to All Heroes (10/01 - 10/03): Get your hands on all heroes for free.

Nostalgia (10/08 - 10/30): Join for a chance to get free skins.

Aspirants Unite Returning for a Limited Time!

Event Time: 09/24 00:00 to 10/27 23:59 (Server Time).

50% OFF for the first Diamond Summon every day! 50% OFF for the first 10X Draw every day as well! (Only for the first 10 draws) On your first 10 draws, get an Epic or better skin that you've not yet unlocked (not including Layla "Miss Hikari" and Fanny "Blade of Kibou"). Get an Epic or better skin every 10 draws, with 1 Orb of Hope guaranteed! Use Orbs of Hope in the Hope Amplifier mode to hit Terrinia Boxes and unlock valuable skins! Terrinia Boxes will prioritize Layla "Miss Hikari", Fanny "Blade of Kibou", and other epic skins that you've not yet unlocked. Duplicate skins and battle emotes will be automatically converted into Pass Fragments. Every 30 Pass Fragments will be combined into 1 Pass which you can use to get a free draw in Aspirants Unite. Passes and Pass Fragments will be removed after the event. So use them while you can.

[MLBB X Saint Seiya Collaboration]

Ikki's Training (10/17 - 10/24): Take part to get the brand-new Saint Seiya collaboration battle emote "Phoenix Illusion Demon Fist" for free

Seiya's Training (10/22 - 11/06): Take part to get Token of the Zodiac ×10 for free.

Shiryu's Training (10/29 - 11/06): Take part to get MLBB X Saint Seiya Spawn Effect for free.

[MLBB X Saint Seiya Collaboration Event]

Event Time: 10/24 00:00 to 11/23 23:59 (Server Time).

Take part in the event for a chance to get the Saint Seiya collaboration skins: Badang "Pegasus Seiya", Badang "Sagittarius Seiya", Chou "Libra Shiryu" and Valir "Leo Ikki". Badang "Pegasus Seiya" is guaranteed in the first 10 draws. 50% OFF the first 10X Diamond draw!

50% OFF the first Diamond draw each day during a set time. Badges of Victory you get from draws can be exchanged for rewards in the event shop. After the event concludes, Badges of Victory and Tokens of the Zodiac will be converted into Battle Points at a ratio of 1:1 for Badges and 1:100 for Tokens. So, use them during the event if you prefer those rewards.

[Draft Pick]

Ban Phase: Added a prompt when you try to ban a hero pre-selected by your teammate.

Optimized the lane/role filter and added a hero sorting option.

1. Enlarged the lane icon and added a prompt when multiple heroes of the same lane are selected.

2. Added an Auto-Translate option and added a few quick chats.

3. Increased the brightness of pre-selected heroes.

4. You'll now receive a thank-you message after helping a teammate select their hero.

Send Grades:

1. Optimized the Send Grades function and added an option to send the hero's extraordinary performance in recent matches.

2. You're no longer required to send grades when asking teammates to help select your hero.

3. When using the Send Grades function in Ranked, only Ranked statistics will be calculated.

4. Optimized the Draft Pick Ul and fixed some known issues


1.The match History of all players on the Global Ranked Leaderboard and Global Hero Leaderboard will be made public in the spirit of transparency and fair competition for the leaderboard.

2.Removed the limit on friend's Remarks.

3.Optimized the display of friends's info. You can now view their current mode and selected hero

4.We've optimized how the Ranks of Mythic rank players are displayed in the Friend List. You'll now be able to see their Placement and Division as well.


1. Due to system adjustments, the Starlight gift and request functions will be temporarily unavailable until future notice. We will also be temporarily removing the Starlight Member Cards from the Shop.

2. We're adding [God of Assist] a new rating criterion. to acknowledge team contribution (especially for those playing the Roamer position). This addition will allow a chance to receive more Star-Raising Points and Protection Points.

3. A hero's portrait will now be used by default for the hero display and selection phase when you receive a new hero but haven't downloaded HD models.

4. Added device power and signal display to the Events screen.

5. Improved Yve and Gloo's portraits to fit their personalities better

1.Fixed an issue where some Battle Spells were still usable while Silenced.

2.Fixed an issue where Fleeting Time would not take effect on certain Ultimates (Kagura, Lunox).

3.Fixed an issue where Esmeralda's Ultimate could be blocked by Lolita's Skill 2.

4.Fixed an issue where Badang's Skill 1 could deal extra damage to turrets.

5.Fixed an issue where the visual effect of Badang's Skill 2 would disappear.

6.Fixed an issue where the damage of Natan's Reverse-Clone was abnormally high against turrets.

7.Fixed an issue where Claude's Ultimate would deal 300% extra damage to summoned units.

8.Fixed an issue with the cooldown display of Thamuz's Skill 1 which would not be affected by Cooldown Reduction.

9.Fixed an issue with Thamuz's Ultimate that made it inconsistent with the visual effects.

10.Fixed an issue where Atlas's Ultimate would pull enemies outside the range.

11.Fixed an issue where X.Borg's Skill 2 could not be seen from outside the bush.

12.Fixed an issue where Barats's Skill 2 was not visible if cast from within bushes.

13.Fixed an issue where Yin would fail to cast his Skill 1 multiple times in a row in extreme situations.

14.Fixed an issue where Chou could not cast his Ultimate again when the target moved too far away.

15.Fixed an issue where Ling's Skill 1 would go on cooldown but he would remain on the wall when controlled mid-flight.

16.Fixed an issue where the enemy couldn't see the warning effect of Vexana's Ultimate when used from the bush.

17.Fixed an issue where the enemy couldn't see the warning effect of Silvanna's Skill 1 if cast from within bushes.

18.Fixed an issue where the enemy couldn't see the warning effect of Ling's Skill 2 if cast from a wall within bushes.

19.Fixed an issue where Akai's Ultimate would be displayed incorrectly if used during Blink after casting Skill 1.

20.Fixed an issue that prevented Sacred Statues from being switched during Ranked matches.

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I need your help I have purchased a skin pack ( blacklist Estes ) and the amount has been deducted but I have not received the whole pack
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Dickooo replied at 2022-9-30 02:10 PM
I need your help I have purchased a skin pack ( blacklist Estes ) and the amount has been deducted b ...

If you still haven't received the skin, please let us know your ID and server ID
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