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[Complaint] Rank down- current rank: Elite, highest rank: Mythic

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Edited by ဇော် at 2022-10-8 12:53 AM

They are intentionally playing to lose with heroes they don't use untill they reach the low rank they desire (Master and below). Then they play with their main heroes to victory collecting Savages and Legendaries, against the low rank players and newbies.
This is unfair for the low rank players who are quite new to this game but are matched with high ranks players, making them very very hard to climb rank.
This is completely against the purpose of rank system.

The worse are the rank down trios who go rank down with team of 3, making the two solo players' stars be wastes. (I have met with a lot of these guys and gained defeat streaks.) How they do it? Most often, they pick Layla, Jawhead, Fanny and Rafaela, then they feed enemies with first blood. And then they get a kill or an assist so that they want to avoid report. And then, for example, Fanny flying inside the base area, Rafaela going solo and blessing only herself alone, Layla roaming and jungling at the same time without Retribution, and or Jawhead trolling as you know, etc. When 6 minutes is exceeded,  the three vote to surrender. If the solo two don't vote, they continue to disrupt the game untill the two vote or the enemies destroy the turrent.

I have put this issue to this forulm, but every moderators ignored it, no need to say whether the developers. ... ghlight=rank%2Bdown

I think the mods haven't seen these. But this is the always existing and popular habit among high rank players in Myanmar.

So, please suggest the developers whether punishments such as the followings can be implemented as soon as possible.
- If a pre-made team is getting defeated in a streak of 10 games, then shall make them unable to team up for a certain long period of time.
- The matchmaking system shall consider both current rank and highest rank. Matchmaking the Elite player having highest rank of Elite with rank-downed Elite player having highest rank of Mythical Glory is not fair.
- Shall lower the MMR of their main hero if they are getting defeated with the other hero for more then a streak of 10 games.
- Shall ban the players with usual habit of rank downing, either a very long period (a season or two, etc.) or permanently, because they are persistently disrupting the game environment.
- ("Optional") MLBB shall be removed from stores and don't accept new players.

I know I can be ignored again this time.
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Hi there. well as far as I know that MMR boosting doesn't work like before, you just can't rank down and boost your MMR anymore and about the troll player, they are everywhere elite or glory doesn't matter.

1. Can be considered in my opinion, if u have a 10-15 constant loss then the game will force you to take a break from rank. But the MMR down one is hilarious, what if I have a bad day and a 10 loss with different heroes ? Doesn't add up, In higher ranks, u are not bound to one role or hero u have to play multiple heroes.

2. This will create more mess, because then the queuing time will be much much longer, and nobody wants to wait for 5-10 min or more in a lobby for a match.

3. You can't just ban players if they rank down.
 Author| Post time 2022-10-8 07:53 AM | Show all posts
Edited by ဇော် at 2022-10-8 05:54 AM

Now, it's not about MMR boosting anymore.

It's win rate up and Savage hunting. They are not trolling, they are just purposefully and intentionally abusing the rank system for their interests. In Myanmar, it's very popular among glory players, because they cant always get victory streak in Glory and Savage is very hard to get. There are even group invitations and squads for rank-down-wr-up.

Also, don't you think that matching new players vs experienced players is unfair? Come on, what's the purpose of rank division?

Please carefully read what I said.
Post time 2022-10-8 06:28 PM | Show all posts
ဇော် replied at 2022-10-8 07:53 AM
Now, it's not about MMR boosting anymore.

It's win rate up and Savage hunting. They are not trollin ...

I did read it, brother. And yes it's unfair to pair up a new player and an experienced player. but what u are suggesting is to ban people who rank down purposely.on paper, it seems the right thing to do but practically it's tough to implant plus more likely its not gonna happen ( also count the highest rank with current rank).

But I do agree with u that those players are making the matching environment polluted and they do deserve punishment.
Post time 2022-10-9 02:21 AM | Show all posts
Few seasons ago in India server, players used to rank down intentionally. After the change in MMR and street rank points system based on rank, it has decreased considerably.

If any team is losing intentionally, you can report all those players after the game and it will affect their credit score.

AFAIK, making their credit score go below 90 is the only way to punish these players. Because the system does not know whether they are losing intentionally or not
Post time 2022-10-15 03:40 PM | Show all posts
ဇော် replied at 2022-10-8 07:53 AM
Now, it's not about MMR boosting anymore.

It's win rate up and Savage hunting. They are not trollin ...

That's is actually something happening in Europe aswell. maybe not at a big scale, but it is happening. it stilll amazes me what people choose to do on this game. most certainly this type of players needs harsher punishments.
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