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[Ranking Tips] TOP10 most simple heroes to use for rank up

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Here, I will present you a list of 10 most ez, most simple to use heroes in game who can eventually rank you up and protect you from been bronze/silver because that's most important thing in this game obviously

1) Nana - Queen of most ez heroes
You can literally randomly press Nana's skills and you will kill someone. If you are in big trouble, Mollina and Passive will save you.

With Nana you can do anything you want: be mage, be tank, be exp laner, be troll...

2) Saber - King of most ez heroes
Not as good as Nana, but Saber is maybe even easier then Nana. One simple combo 1-3 or 1-2-3 and aim enemies damage dealer.

3) Lesley
No mana problems, very simple skills, 2 escape options, brutal damage after latest buff, Lesley offers you one really ez marksman to use.

4) Rafaela
Skill 1 - slowing enemies and revaling their positions(if they are close to you)
Skill 2 - healing your team mates
Skill 3 - the only thing you need to aim

5) Diggie - counter for anyone
I don't know what Developers doing, but Diggie's damage with right build is insane. He can spam bombs and with 3 or 4 literally can kill many squishy heroes. His 2nd skill securing killl and his Ult counter Atlas, Tigreal, Johnson, Belerick, Kagura, Saber etc etc etc...

6) Karina
The only 2 things you need to learn when playing Karina are: right build and timing. When you master that(which is btw rly not hard) you can eventually carry inexperienced players. She is one of fastest, deadliest and most durable junglers in game and she is really ez to use.

7) Eudora/Aurora
Eudora and Aurora are like sisters. Long forgotten Saber's sisters. They have exactly same combo as Saber, just in different order. Bush and do 2-3-1 on squishy enemy and you are done.

8) Chang'e
Her skill set is also really simple and easy to use. She has most of things you would like to have: insane mobility, damage, good clearing wave and stealing objectives abillity but she is not so good for higher ELO. Radiant armor,Venegance or Lollita and Chang'e is useless. Recommended for lower ranks.

9) Angela
You can't be wrong with Angela. The only thing you need to learn is to recognize who is the best player in your team = someone who can carry when you Ult him. Btw, you will also need a good Map Awerness, but that's something you already need to have if you want to play rank.

10) Vale
From this list, Vale is maybe the only little harder then others. But when you master his 2nd skill(Knock in air), you will be good. He is fast like Masha, has damage like late game Cecillion and he has really simple combo. In 7 out of 10 your rank games you will see Vale in one team because of his brutal damage and CC and most important thing - his easinest to use.

Post time 2022-10-23 10:50 PM | Show all posts
Wonder if those top 10 hero are made by your own decision or is a global percentage?!
Post time 2022-10-24 07:03 AM | Show all posts
Actually, I have climbed to Mythic with two of them hehe
Post time 2022-10-24 11:49 AM | Show all posts
Nice post + rep from me. Do add rank like ( elite -epic ) per hero. That will be more awesome.
Post time 2022-10-24 08:22 PM | Show all posts
Good but there are better MM than Lesley.

Even though we use OP meta heroes, if we don't have a good team, it's useless

The matchmaking algo is matching solo players with duo and trio to spoil their winning streaks and win rates

Since the trolls are duo and trio, they are not even punished as they don't get reported much.
Post time 2022-10-25 12:19 AM | Show all posts
AlyAoi replied at 2022-10-23 10:50 PM
Wonder if those top 10 hero are made by your own decision or is a global percentage?!

I pretty sure if u played any of these heroes in epic in above, it is relatively easy to climb.
Post time 2022-10-25 03:21 AM | Show all posts
aznager replied at 2022-10-24 05:19 PM
I pretty sure if u played any of these heroes in epic in above, it is relatively easy to climb.

Well I use Nana and Chang'e but not so often because are good just in certain condition, and when someone pick Nana all the team call you troll same for Lesley, Eudora. Those hero are good but even if are easy to master at same time most of them don't have any escape skill.
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