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[Unclassified] Odette guide! Cause I am a big shimp.

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Edited by Chaosxd at 2022-10-27 03:42 PM

Hello everyone.
As the title says let's get started!

During early game.
If you have problems with mana management buy either elegant gem or 2 magic necklace if you are planning on buying the talisman. Either way the mana will be satisfactory.
Assist your jungker in farming. 1 skill and passive is enough, don't worry about the gold or the Laning face at that point.
Odette is a teamfight hero.
When you have the opportunity roam the other lanes and support in any class that occurs.
When you get your ulti change your playstyle. Be more aggressive.
Stay behind but a bit sideways from the minions so that you can hit with s2 that back line minions and hopefully the enemy.
The dash on her ultimate is perfect for getting them by surprise.
During mid game you provide support mostly. Your damage will be good but not enough yet. She has low mag scaling.
During the late your damage is gonna hurt quitea bit, especially against squishy heroes.
However you should keep in mind that at that point the enemy will have spammable cc skills, thus you need to let your team to set up your grand entrance. Be petient observe the teamfight and don't get greedy.

Against fighters
Masha. Don't waist your time on her unless she has very low how.

Paquito. Vengeance or flicker to burst him down in an counterattack. If he is tanky just don't die... Much.

Chou. Vengeance works really good at early. Flicker used for outplays against him. Meanwhile purify for countering his ultimate.

Thamuz. The same as Masha. In addition do not attack him unless his ulti is on CD. Keep in mind his scyth interrupts her ulti.

Dyrroth. If he has too much mag resistance fight him from 50% hp and onwards. Otherwise just Burt's him. Keep in mind his skill 2 phase 1 interrupts her ulti.

Balmond. The sane as dyrroth.

Hilda: the same as balmond and never fight her inside a bush.

Leomord. Do not aproach him when his ulti is ready for use. He is too fast to escape.

Martis. Just avoid his skill 2 and keep distance.

Zilong. Burst him before he bursts you. Any survibilty item works.

Allucard. 1v1 him only if you have full passive stuck and can burst him. If he survives you are dead.

Julian. You can burst him but first need to avoid or survive his attack. She is squishy so jullians tend to leave skill 2 or 3 at the end.

Against mages
Alice. No problem at all. Antiheal is a must.

Valentina. play defensively. Use the minions to your advantage and wait for her to make a mistake to burst her. If she is tanky you can't kill her at 100% hp so poke her as much as you can.

Cyclops's. She can destroy him at early and mid game. Once he get his full items though do not attack him carelessly. His magical lifesteal is much better than Odettes thus he can survive her burst and kill during her ulti even without Athena's shield.

Kagura. Move around as unpredictably as possible to make her s1 miss. Also time your s2 with her s1 and go full attack mode. Kagura has 2 options teleport to her umbrella, still inside Odette ulti or use her own ulti to cancel Odettes. Either way she is 90% doomed.

Vale. He has long cd at early so avoid these and then stick as close to him as you can. If he has no support you can even deny him some minions.

Luo Yu. Her cc is pain. During always be sideways of mions outside her s1 spread distance. Once she hits you s2 will come instantly.

Valir. Stay behind minions.

Eudora. Equip aegis, purify or vengeance. Tough boots supplement all three of them. Her skills come with a bit of delay. So as soon as you are untuned just burst her down.

Lylia. Play defensively and do not get baited of her low hp, regardless she has her ulti or not.

Esmeralda. Before she buys mag. resistance item harass her as much as possibly. Buy antiheal right after your first mag pen item ( if necessary). If you have vengeance burst her without worries. If you have flicker burst her while keeping some distance during ulti.

Eve. Stay next to minions to force her to make a choice with her s2. Stay away from her when your ulti is on cd. When Eve uses her ulti on you, get close to her and burst her if your ulti is ready. Otherwise escape.

Pharsa. The same as Eve.

Tanks. For some annoying reason they tend to buy mag. Resistance from get to go. This means you won't be dealing much damage to them. Unsless you are sure they will die ingonre them.

Against assassins.
Classic winter truncheon works just fine. Vengeance and aegis help as well, though aegis is less effective.

Saber. Best option is purify. Winter if teammates are close. Veneance and aegis only for early game. So make sure he stays underfarmed.

Against Mm.
If they built Athena's shield if possible wait for it's passive to take effect or at least their damaging skills are on cd. Their dps is faster and stronger that Odettes during ultimate even with full stucks. Not to mention their lifesteal and inspire.
Shut them down from early game when they are weak. Worse case scenario by vengeance. It works 99% of the time

Beatrix. Burst her down. Use flicker to avoid the shotgun and sniper. Use vengeance to make her cry when she uses her machine gun.

Clint. You can burst him down.

Brody. Same as clint. Flicker won't do any good against his s2. Get either purify or vengeance. Also when you use your ulti try and land outside his s2. That 1 extra sec might save you.

Mellisa. Always hit her with s2 first and then burst her down. Stay outside her ulti range and get vengeance cause during late game combine with inspire you won't be killing her.

Claude. Burst him down. If you wanna troll or show off your skills you canroam against him with vengeance and blade armor. I've gotten MVP every single time.

Kimmy. Burst her down.

Poppol and kupa. Get either purify or vengeance. His range is higher so flicker is useless against his s1. Instead wait for him to use. Survive and burst him. Don't worry his s1 is the only skill he can use to attack you safely. Land howver outside his s2 area of effect as it's airborne effect will cancel your ulti.

Against Supports
You either burst them or ignore them depends on their built.

In case the enemy has 2 or 3 tanks/ tanky heroes play more of a support with glowing wand ice queen wand necklace of endurance a d genius wand. Keep poking them to oblivion. It's more about putting pressure and status effect on them than dealing big damage. Let the carry/ tanky beast in your team to do that. You can still deal passive damage to the sqhisy ones either way.

In addition Odettes biggest support is her passive. Make sure you always have max stucks of it when roaming. Especially during early game where combined with her s1 and s2 it can kill Squishies easily.
Optimal rotation with 3 stucks is:
Basic attack-s1-s2 basic attackx2
With 2 or lower stucks:
S1-s2-basic attack x2.

Generally prefer vengeance over flicker as it helps her survive a lot in many cases.
If the enemy has many manual stuns pick flicker to avoid them. Otherwise, or they have limited cc pick vengeance.
Lastly pick your item depending who you believe will hunt you the most and vice versa you gonna hunt.

My builts.

Arcane boots
Enchanted talisman
Genius wand
Holly crystal
Divine glaive
Flex necklace of endurance/ice queen wand/bloodwings (with flicker)/concentrated energy (with vengeance)

Against tanky team combs.
Arcane boots.
Enchanted talisman
Genius wand.
Glowing wand
Ice queen wand/necklace of endurance
Divine glaive/holly crystal

Troll/against Claude in gold.(with vengeance only)
Domon boots
Blade armor
Ice queen wand
Winter truncheon/immortality
Athena's shield

Elegant gem
Arcane boots
Genius wand
Clock of destiny
Thunder truncheon
Holy crystal
Bloodwings/divine glaive

Full movement speed
Full magic penetration
Mystery shop by default (and troll built)
The second one for the burst built
The third one against tanky heroes/ burst built

Thank you for your time guys.Big thanks @AlyAloi for giving the idea of the guide in the first place.
If you have any question let me know.

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Nice and detailed guide. It would be better if you use icon/image rather then just plain text cause since its long many wont read full thread.
 Author| Post time 2022-10-27 08:43 PM | Show all posts
Excalibur61 replied at 2022-10-27 07:53 PM
Nice and detailed guide. It would be better if you use icon/image rather then just plain text cause  ...

Thank you!
I would love to add pictures, but the idea alone overwhelms me.
It's a bit out of my league right now.
Post time 2022-10-27 10:08 PM | Show all posts
Chaosxd replied at 2022-10-27 08:43 PM
Thank you!
I would love to add pictures, but the idea alone overwhelms me.
It's a bit out of my le ...

Haha, well its true decoration can be bothersome
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Note: The author has been banned or deleted.
Post time 2022-10-29 08:17 PM | Show all posts
You made a guide as I suggested you.
Is really helpful and with tons of detail.
I'm glad that you dedicated your time for make this good and long guide.
Hope will help a lot of players and who know maybe Odette will be back again.
I also like how you talk about counters knowing which skill can be a problem.
Thank you for the guide I read it super fast and you was super concrete.
 Author| Post time 2022-10-29 10:33 PM | Show all posts
AlyAoi replied at 2022-10-29 08:17 PM
You made a guide as I suggested you.
Is really helpful and with tons  ...

Thank you!
Glad its helpful.
I hope she becomes a solid pick as well.
For this to happen though, her kits needs some modifications and buffs.
From my perspective she needs:
Her s2 needs longer range and more max targets.
Her ulti needs higher shield and cc immunity during the dash only.
Her s1 is ok, though 50% slow effect would be better
Lastly she needs more frequent applycation of passive
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