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[Complaint] Did Ruby get a silent nerf?

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Hello all,
Been quite a while since I visited the ol forums. Long time Ruby main, been playing her for quite literally years. I remember the old days when people used to troll merely for me picking her (and me carrying with her regardless). So when aspirants Ruby came out. You bet your butt my eyes were bulging out of their sockets and I got it.

But to my dismay, I find I haven't been able to win a match with her... I have nearly 3k matches playing her. And I've never hit such a harsh lose streak using her before. And I FEEL like everything about her just seems a tad weaker than before. Her lifesteal is less, her hp growth is non-existant (I could have sworn she had hp growth on leveling, not just from items.... she is still considered a tank for god's sake). I have 3 items and her hp is still under 4k. Like, wut? I could of swore my hp used to be in the 5k or close to it with Ruby by the time I got 3 items in the past. And that was with boot, haas, and EB. And now, my flicker ults of perfection can't seem to kill a single hero. Granted, now-a-days I seem to be running into mostly just badang, dyroth, and thamus in the xp lane, but even still. In the past, I still killed them when they made mistakes and fell for my trap. Now, I'm pulling them in and they somehow kill me under the tower, then bolt away without dying... Heck, I had a lapu heckling me a day ago because I was using assassin emblem on Ruby (which used to be the mainstream for her).

Now, I mostly just see Ruby user's attempting to use her for tanking, but still failing at that too. Which is to say, right now, I find Ruby isn't a good fighter nor a good tank... so where does that put her?!? She can't tank well because of her low hp and non existent hp growth. Her dmg output is small, so her hp regain is low (especially when facing anti heal), and most xp lane fighter's now-a-days are both tanky AND high dmg, making it hella hard for even the best Ruby player's to do what she's supposed to do. CC and lifesteal for days. I don't care if she doesn't do a lot of dmg. But her survivability has become nearly non-existent and that is ridiculous. She's supposed to be the lifesteal queen. And she used to be the CC queen imo as well. But now, I find i'm using Frederin instead of Ruby because simply put, he's better at everything she's supposed to be. He's got faster CC. Higher dmg output WITH PURE TANK BUILD. And his ultimate when hitting enemy heroes does more skill vamp than Ruby swiping on a minion wave.

For a hero you just released a new beautiful skin for, Ruby is getting no justice for her play. I think Ruby should either get a CD buff on her skills so they can be used more, or her dmg output needs to raised so she can once again become the queen of lifesteal.
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Agree with you. With here new beautiful skin released, she really deserve a good and balanced buff to be back in the meta. With new heroes and buffed fighters coming out, its really hard to use ruby. Support from, hope she gets the buff she deserves soon.
Post time 2023-1-8 06:19 AM | Show all posts
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