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Edited by Charles at 2023-1-15 09:41 PM

why everyone always complaining bout ur matchmaking and u pretend like nothing happened?
i thought s27 will be better
it's getting worse
u remember my last post? ... 0106&extra=page%3D1
is moonton always give me lose streak?
no one pick MM, double mage,double roamer,double jungler?
why u always give me those motherfucker mates?
and enemy?
always strong asf... i can't carry those fucking feeder or those didn't even know how to play!
i got mute just bcause of unreasonable idiot auto censor,, i didn't speak something wrong and ur fucking system detect as abusing word and mute me?
yes right now im using vulgar and what?
where's the dev?

Post time 2023-1-15 07:13 PM | Show all posts
I also think the system isn't always right, everything is censored and you can't even joke in 5q.
About Matchmaking yeah is worse and worse, this time I'll be also objective, EU server is the worse ever, in my case I have again turks in my server when I was sure they have their own.
From 86% win rate I'm back at 52%. Is really frustrating and you don't have no one to blame, that's why I took a break from Rank mode (a long break).
We can talk about matchmaking at every season but I'm not sure something gonna change.
I'm really sorry for your loses, I understand you perfectly.
Post time 2023-1-17 12:56 PM | Show all posts
This season just seems to be bad. Like really bad.

It's gotten to the point where I am close to quitting altogether and having a break until next season.

 Author| Post time 2023-1-17 03:52 PM | Show all posts
totally trash matchmaking,,, im stuck in legend and epic now..
they don't even understand anything about meta and heroes
first pick and i told them i want to use karrie
but wtf they pick layla lol
playing solo is hard asf
and again.. when i'm legend my teammates epic...
all enemy is legend 3+
u know... pushing rank at that time.. at early season,, u can meet ex glory/ex top global in legend.. but wtf enemy team always got those ex glory.. and my team only ex legend :)

my teammates WR 30%+
Post time 2023-1-17 11:01 PM | Show all posts
Same got teammate who brought useless item no anti heal dont even know how to play jungle
Post time 2023-1-20 04:03 AM | Show all posts
took a break for several months, andd now I'm back, it looks like it's still the same old problem with matchmaking...

this matchmaking system is never going to improve...

they're either unable or unwilling to improve it.
Post time 2023-1-21 08:58 AM | Show all posts
Hate when meet player like that, egoist and only able to play 1 role in the game. Also, their rank is legend yet how come they don't understand to fill the specific role to increase chance winning in match.
If they are really want to rank up and play solo que most of time, they need to improve their gameplay at least in Classic. Learn different role hero especially 2-3 different role.
Post time 2023-1-21 04:39 PM | Show all posts
Lucrecia replied at 2023-1-21 01:58 AM
Hate when meet player like that, egoist and only able to play 1 role in the game. Also, their rank i ...

I'm agree with you, I also notice there are a lot of people using only a specific role and insta pick a hero. Is really hard to rank up in this specific season.
Post time 2023-2-3 08:00 AM | Show all posts
Its easy to see that teams with less skill disparity win 83-88 percent of the games just look at the score boards or match history the teams with the higher medals on avg have less skill disparity aka meaning no weak leak in the group, and they can afford to make more mistakes.

a good example is this below imagine two teams fighting each other
team A, 2540 ,2700,2700, 2700, 2700 vs team B, 2600 2600 2800 2600 2900
Team A mmr avg 2700
Team B mmr avg 2700

On paper is looks like its a close match but its not even close, team A has a advantage early and mid game due to less skill disparity, team B will only win most likely in a late game fight and if one of the  2800 or 2900 players don't make a mistake. Team A can afford to make multiple mistakes and still win team B cannot. If the 2800 or 2900 player on team B makes a major mistake late game its OVER.
Post time 2023-2-7 04:06 PM | Show all posts
I left rank for good. Classic is fun though! Im grandmaster at the moment (highest mythic) and its usually epics, a couple of legends, but no mythics. I  have been winning 90% of my games.
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