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[Complaint] When you single handedly win the match

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But still -9 credit score for feeding.

Screenshot_20230121-154517929 (1).jpg

Situation is I have a reputation and the enemy know me. They continuously harrassed my lane, preventing farm. Every advance on a push was met with 3-4 man gank, no matter if I swapped lanes. JG and roam seem to ignore XP lane and focus on gold.

Anyway, they all get carried away contesting Lord to which I steam roll through the top lane and secure victory by destroying base alone.

This is why KDA means nothing, and why it's so important for the game to recognise that towers and minions win matches. The medal score system needs to take into consideration other factors that led to the victory.

You could just be having a bad game with harrassment and deaths, but still try to be useful for your team by pursuing other avenues.

Ultimately the report system sucks and I feel it punishes players incorrectly. Ironically it was the jungle who did little damage and had poor rotation that ended up reporting me.


Medal system needs to include points from the data / game stats to effectively determine whether or not someone was intentionally feeding or having a bad game.
Post time 2023-1-23 07:25 AM | Show all posts
tbh i said this before in my old post i think but the game does appreciate you for pushing very hard and make a big number on it but it's just if your kda is extra minus especially the death count reach 11 like that, the game just think "you're feeding and never participate in team fight to help them and your only saving grace is just the tower push but that alone isnt enough"
 Author| Post time 2023-1-23 08:41 AM | Show all posts
Problem with team fights, especially as a basic attack hero is that you are extremely gear dependent.

If you have a poor start to the game and there is no support, it will remain a struggle against targets who have better gear - particularly defensive equipment. MMs are generally basic attack heroes as well, so when teamed with a struggling marksmen and basic attack fighter, fighters are usually forgotten.

Argus has the potential to be a psuedo tank with his ultimate for 4 seconds, but no damage output means no health back and it also means no pressure. The alternative is to farm and push lanes.

I probably could've come to join the Lord fight, but clearing outer turret and inhibitor at least meant they were forced to pull someone aside to defend which ends up being a 4v4

Post time 2023-1-23 01:44 PM | Show all posts
ya got banned or what?
 Author| Post time 2023-1-25 10:09 AM | Show all posts
Nah mobile legends needs me to keep writing "change Argus skill 2" suggestions
Post time 2023-1-25 03:32 PM | Show all posts
If you have more than 8 deaths the system consider you as feeder that's why you got the message even if ain't a lose but a victory.
 Author| Post time 2023-1-26 12:06 PM | Show all posts
It's based on your assist/kill to death ratio.

Which is why I'm saying that tower damage, base damage or even destroying towers should be considered as it is focusing on objective.

Actions per minute, objective participation, duration of match .. there's a lot of factors that could be implemented to help the system determine whether or not a player is being disingenuous
Post time 2023-2-3 12:28 AM | Show all posts
Edited by starskyj at 2023-2-3 12:30 AM

i would say in this case he deserved it when he is 1 kill and 11 deaths5 assist that means hes spending most of the game dead and not helping, which makes the other players upset. It would be one think if hes pushing towers, and rotating to help in team fights or objectives. But hes just killing towers and dying over and over again . They should force players like this to play with others with similar playstyles. Hes team is basically fighting 4vs 5 because most of the time argus is dead and waiting to respawn.
These push tower and die over and over rarely works in mobile legendz, he just got lucky.


Yep..mostly agree with this point here. I need to check the whole match to verify what truly happen.  Post time 2023-2-3 06:24 AM
Post time 2023-2-3 06:27 AM | Show all posts
I don't think intentionally feeding is the right punishment here. More likely a negative gameplay. Lack of teamwork and participation in fight due to dying to much.

I say punishment somewhat deserved..but maybe not for intentionally feeding
 Author| Post time 2023-2-3 01:34 PM | Show all posts
Edited by Burnzey91 at 2023-2-3 01:41 PM

Argus has no team fight potential without equipment.

If you're being harassed early game and are being camped with prevention of farming, his late game is severely delayed.

It isn't like Chou or any other fighter where they have CC utility and damage is based on abilities/skills as opposed to gear. Equipment for these heroes is usually defensive but has no impact on their DPS output.

Argus on the other hand, if he has no gear it means he has no damage which means he has no self sustain during his ultimate. Skill 1 offers such a poor CC on a very long cooldown, skill 2 offers zero utility for team (and in my opinion is pretty useless for him as a whole). Basically his ultimate is just a 4 second damage / ability soak which led to high deaths.

You're entitled to your stance on the subject, but given my options I did what was best for team which was split push to secure a win.
Edit : the game was constant 3v1 on my lane. No support anyway. Coordinated ganks under tower. But end game team fights will usually be 4v4. They have to pull one-two away to defend base which means our team should have an equal to advantage in team fight power at contested areas.

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