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TheLtCaptain: Gonna upload my last blog before Guinevere release and I hope atleast 8 of my feedback will appear in new update when she's release(well I hope there will be an update....)
2019-2-17 01:36 AM Reply|
Alp-Player06: Studies Home Play Mobile legends in Online Forum
2019-2-12 08:46 PM Reply|
Rexsamz: are you guys chilling with classic games or are you  try harding your way through rank matches,im just chill'n with the classic
2019-2-9 06:07 AM Reply|
MagnumauZer: i am achievement lokal 92 yeah hahahahahahah
2019-2-4 02:28 AM Reply|
MagnumauZer: today only brawl !
2019-2-4 02:28 AM Reply|
Rexsamz: Add me if you want:     IGN:NexzoRez YT ID:18940832 server:4202 (euro servers)
2019-2-3 06:54 PM Reply|
Rexsamz: have you seen any snow?
2019-2-3 06:49 PM Reply|
stifflercode: teamfight playing are good to win a rank star...
  • EVaSWEET: (1-31 13:51)
2019-1-30 10:26 AM Reply|
stifflercode: her at forum world   
2019-1-30 10:23 AM Reply|
MagnumauZer: 4 Stars today a good day
2019-1-28 06:25 AM Reply|
Rexsamz: smile at the little things in life because that how they get big
2019-1-27 08:09 PM Reply|
Finrod77: Trying to learn Chinese!  
2019-1-24 11:37 PM Reply|
Vymonchyyy: Tired.. Just like always..  
  • sumipe: tired even since 2019 - oh my gosh ~~ lol (6-8 14:37)
2019-1-24 10:12 AM Reply|
SkinnyMan: Meeeeeeh
2019-1-20 01:26 PM Reply|
MagnumauZer: cs go like yesterday ;)
2019-1-19 09:42 PM Reply|
MagnumauZer: only fk racist in this forum !!{:huffy:}
2019-1-19 09:42 PM Reply|
MagnumauZer: today cs GO !!!
2019-1-19 05:52 PM Reply|
Nicky_veronica: hey peps all well
2019-1-19 04:48 PM Reply|
MagnumauZer: Fk no good ping today  
2019-1-18 07:07 PM Reply|
FemmeTV: Doing Project Valentines...  
2019-1-14 08:42 AM Reply|

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