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2018-9-18 06:04 AM Reply|
baohiemfwd123: Bảo hiểm nhân thọ FWD, với thương hiệu đến từ Hong Kong nay đã đến Việt Nam. Bảo hiểm nhân thọ FWD nơi mọi người có thể tin tưởng
2018-9-14 09:13 PM Reply|
MephistoAE: Maaf Moonton , Bahwa Ada Bug Baru Yang Ntah Siapa Pembuatnya Saya Sarankan Untuk Report Akun Yang Telah Memasukkanya Di Youtube , BUG Nya Script Skin Mobile Legends
2018-9-10 03:02 PM Reply|
Crisza: Pls, help me back account
2018-9-6 09:41 AM Reply|
HeavyMachine: Waiting my first malaysian hero on Mobile legend  
2018-9-4 02:52 PM Reply|
Star2Dust: I am trying to get in-game Legend and Mythic profile frames.
  • Rexsamz: same but im only epic and lost my spark to play rank now i just play casual classic matches (2-4 00:14)
  • Star2Dust: yeah i am doing that a bit too as practice too. I've had more luck recently in finding / making 5 player teams. But solo, 2, or 3 team. Always loss streak. (2-12 04:56)
  • Rexsamz: i do better with three man than 5 man probably cause i get teamed up with other 5 man teams (2-13 04:44)
  • Star2Dust: hmmm, thanks for the tip!    i will try more 3 player, because 5 player harder to organise, plus takes longer to queue. (2-16 05:52)
2018-9-2 11:11 AM Reply|
Zxcvbnm: What the fûck is ths ML!!!
2018-8-30 02:22 PM Reply|
2018-8-23 02:54 PM Reply|
ErnestBOIcj: today i'm worried at my exam cause i really suck at Math  
2018-8-16 12:27 AM Reply|
Complexeasity: today im going to start creating some skin ideas!
2018-8-11 09:12 PM Reply|
SandyWinando: Bagaimana saya bisa mendapatkan bantuan dana untuk membuat tournament di daerah saya?
2018-8-5 08:33 PM Reply|
Trendy1933: Please help me to login my account moba It was recently  updated and I can't login the account Help me up My username:Trendy Region:Singapura Server: i don't know I don't know my id
2018-7-25 11:29 PM Reply|
Nuhaz: Gamer 4 life
2018-7-25 07:32 PM Reply|
AP-ROBOCOP: Say hi from robocps  
2018-7-25 09:24 AM Reply|
muhammadsahrul: selamat malam mas ... saya mau nanya cara ganti atau unbind akun moonton gimana yah
2018-7-19 01:09 AM Reply|
2018-7-14 09:18 AM Reply|
Teddnator: Staying up late because of my insomnia, staying away from friends because of bipolar 2, lock people out because of OCD, doing everything by myself because I can't afford people messing up.
2018-7-14 12:44 AM Reply|
AgentCKJ:   don't know how to level up here
2018-7-13 04:44 PM Reply|
AgentCKJ:   how can i level up here?
2018-7-13 04:44 PM Reply|
2018-7-13 02:44 PM Reply|

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