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How to get ignored and being left alone, killed by the enemy by your team mates

Viewed 126 times2018-4-27 01:43 AM |Personal category:MLBB Classic Gameplay Diary| classic, Freya, Layla

So, I was playing in Classic, using Freya. I try to adjust from ranged attack to upclose and personal kind of attack. Uh, back to the main point,
there was this player, probably from Indo or Malay(since the language are pretty much the same), picking up Layla; rants on the chat about the team mates being "vavi" and "nub". LOL

I was like, you're a marksmen, keep farming and stay away from engaging enemy until you get your gears ready. Of course I didn't type it out, who got time for that. So, all of us, just ignore this petty little things. And the funniest thing is that, we manage to wipe out the enemy while she was being killed.

We won the game, despite being so called nub & vavi. And that petty Layla only gotten the bronze medal. Oh poor little thing.

Just another story from the Land of The Dawn.

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