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Aspirant Event

Viewed 75 times2022-1-31 11:02 AM |Personal category:My personal blog

I feel very unhappy to the Aspirant event... I doubt is there a system control the skin for us to draw? Fucking get the skin even less than the Star wars event... I watched so many YouTube video, so many skin to get for them is that a marketing strategics to attract those customer like me to keep on buying the diamonds? I found that I always get the skin I don't like! Like those fighter skin or assassin, so irritated for it... Disgusting! Keep draw those magic dust, familiarity sweets, lucky ticket, arrival token and so on. I don't need that. I observe so many video, found none of the streamer getting Odette's princess mermaid, that why I suspect for it. Don't tell me that: Oh, you are wiling for it, we don't push you. I curse you get those useless more than skin!

I want Guinevere-Lady Crane and Odette-Mermaid Princess so so so much! 

Now I concluding the skin I obtained in Aspirant event.... Erm... I think I only satisfied on the obtained the skins:
1. Layla's Aspirant skin "Miss Hikari" 
2. Recall effect "Return of Hope"
3. Layla's sacred statue "Heart of Hikari"
4. Valir's Epic-Dragon Tamar skin "Draconic Flame"
5. Karrie's Epic skin "Hawkwatch"
6. Carmilla's Elite skin "Magician Girl"
7. Diggie's Elite skin "Circus Clown"

The skins I obtained but I don't like at all....
1. Aldous's Epic-Blazing Bounties skin "Blazing Force"
2. Ling's Epic-Dragon Tamer skin "Night Shade"
3. Grock's Basic skin "Grave Guardian"
4. Natan's Basic skin "Time Wielder"
5. Aamon's Basic skin "Night's Edge"

Skins that I have been obtained, but then turned into ticket....
1. Esmeralda's Special skin "Lady Thief
2. Nana's Epic skin "Mecha Baby"
3. Irithel's Epic skin "Hellfire"
4. Saber's Elite skin "Fullmetal Ronin"
5. Baxia's Elite skin "Badass Roller"
6. Terizla Basic skin "Flare"
7. Uranus's Basic skin "Ancient Soul"
8. Granger 's Basic skin "Bardiac Whisper"
9. Cyclops's Basic skin "Exorcist"
10. Harith's Basic skin "Savanna Cat"
11. Yve's Basic skin "Forest Hymn"

Draw pattern: 1-1-2-1

At the end, let me concluding of my spending... On aspirant event, with pwp tickets and diamonds, I almost spend kinda like below of 2K diamonds. So, it also equal that I almost spend like RM150+ of money to get these skins and effect. Yet, I still keep continue the draws as it left 3 days only. I make the comparison between the event of Aspirant and event of Sanrio, I found that the Sanrio event prize pool heroes are not so worth for me... I decided to make more spending in aspirant event...

Kinda feel just ok, but can't really say is really worth, maybe because before I had these skin already... Is ok, I kinda spend like below RM200, with pwp ticket. I know the tricks Moontoon used for us, so I have everything calculate in my hand. I fine with it! I think this even is 6 in 10 rating.

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