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The Sanrio Event

Viewed 68 times2022-3-11 05:54 PM |Personal category:My personal blog

Now I am paying again for a new event Sanrio, is event expensive in mind, I can feel more expensive than Aspirant event, maybe more unworthy than it! Well, I expect I just pay for Floryn skin only... Even I am main user of mage and support, my heart is pounding for their skins, but I know that I can't afford it with such a bingo purchasing style. I watched a lot of videos in YouTube, so my comment toward to event is get the Floryn's skin enough, Angela and ChangEr's skin? just wait wait for next round of event or wait for long long time or maybe nothing to be wait... Tomorrow will having some PwP ticket, so I am looking toward on it, let's see tomorrow what skin I will, I just know I confirmed will have Floryn.

Skin I obtained satisfied in event:-
1. Floryn's Sanrio skin "Cinnamoroll"
2. Camilla's Basic skin "Wisteria Countess"

Skin I obtained but I don't think I like it:-
1. Yi Sun Shin's Collector skin "Lone Destructor"
2. Moskov's Epic skin "Blood Spear"
3. Roger's Epic skin "Cyborg Werewolf"
4. Aldous's Elite skin "Death"

Skin have been obtained turn into part of ticket:-
1. Valir's Epic-Dragon Tamer skin "Dragonic Flame"
2. Rafaela's Epic skin "Flower Fairy"
3. Rafaela's Epic-Saber Squad skin "S.A.B.E.R Savior"
4. Badang's Basic skin "Ironfists"
5. Esmeralda's Basic skin "Ruddy Dusk"
6. Aamon's Basic skin "Night Edge"
7. LuoYi's Basic skin "Yin-Yang Mage"
8. Terizla's Basic skin "Abbys Guard"
9. Lylia's Basic skin "School Idol"
10. Kagura's Basic skin "Flower Season"

Draws pattern:-
First draw: 2-3-7-8-4-X

I like the Yi Sun Shin's collector skin with his fancy skill effect, but it isn't mean that I like to use this hero (I rather getting Valir's Collector skin! TT)... I am trying to get the Estes's Epic-Dragon Tamor skin! Why? _(:3」∠)_ 

I personally think this event is worse than Aspirant event. If said Aspirant event provided repetition skin is 6 in 10, then Sanrio event is 7 in 10. The skins is obtained even lesser than aspirant event! You can see the comparison in between Aspirant and Sanrio through out the blog I have wrote. Skin obtained is more plentiful and much better choice! The Aspirant event at least I have gotten 12 skins with quite good quality in 40 draws, but the Sanrio is more wasteful with only 6 skins in 50 draws.

What I mad today was the Rafaela skin that the draw gave me repeated epic! What the heck can't the system detect the skins gave to us. Moonton is make me feel so cheap! Look at the skins I obtained satisfied only 2 skins! Even have to pay more into it! My prediction when was the Aspirant skin was correct! It shows that the skin is lesser in Sanrio event you can get.

In the final, I stop myself from the draws as I gave me a limit until 50. More than 50!? Sorry, it means that skin is not worth for me to spend on it. Is a bit regret because it just left 10 draws then I can get another Sanrio skin. Yet, it can't guarantee the skin I want like Chang Er or Angela(I don't want Claude since I don't play). So lets don't play this risk. It will be the past, there is more nice skins is coming up for KOF and 515! That is more worthy than this. I am waiting for it!

2/10 create a bottomless pit event by M0NEYTON

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