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Why I Don't Play Rank

Viewed 71 times2022-3-16 05:35 AM |Personal category:My personal blog

This is my blog, whatever I type in here, you don't have any single right to criticize. Disable comments has turned. You can't even comment!

My mood is fking bad, there is a lot of reason why I don't play rank now. Yet I still will play it if my friend invited me. So, whoever saw my post before I did ask a question, do there is a system control or can be said decide our match to be won or lose? Well, a lot of "Pro" said yes! Why? Because don't want to let you win so easy. Ok! I accept your guys' conviction. But I still hate it to play, it feels irritated and bored towards me. Is not about me having too much of a losing streak, I have made research and watched those videos on how to rank up, which is work. Just 30% not even more than 50%, I have perfect time play in midnight, play the role that I am pro on it, end up I have an indefinite cycle in between 1 star and 2 stars. Make me feel there is pointless to play the game. 

10 matches above I have played tonight, I tried to push my Legend IV 2 stars to 3 stars, is not even Mythic! And keep spinning around like a fool between 1 star and 2 stars. So, what is the meaning for me to play rank? I am dunno! Yup, don't let me win easy, so keeps me spinning around on the same level. 2 won 2 lost cycles forever! I feels like tantalize me like a dog! Congratulation! My fire has been lit up! What I shall said? Thank you system let me don't want to play anymore! I should realize earlier! 

Maybe this also a reason why people always disappointed toward Moontoon... HIGHER THE EXPECTATION, HIGHER THE DISSAPOINMENT

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