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Mobile Legends become lagging!

Viewed 84 times2022-3-27 04:31 AM | Bang

I feel lagging while playing the game, since when started I can't remember anymore. But, what I know is kinda when my skin having like more than 200+ it start to having this kind of lagging. You can feel the response is slow after casting a skill. For an example, today I having a match by using Zhask at mid road. We having the enemy Gusion who as their juggler and assassin. So when he tried to kill me, I want to hide myself in Zhask's spawn to preventing his one shot kill, but the skill response became so slow until I have killed. I guarantee I has press it! But why it don't response? I having kinda like 280+ skins, it can said is game occupied the most of the space in my phone, having like almost 6Gb! Not Mb! Please don't tell me to clear up the cache trash whatever in the game before play, is useless! If we buying skins equal to we having more lagging while playing the game, I don't feel any meaningful keep continue to play the game anymore. Soon it will be abandon by other players who having the same issues like me! 

I not sure is it because of the increasing of the skins cause me having this kind of issue. Yet, I also found up as the new features add up not only in mapping! Maybe UI cause the lagging and slowing in the game...

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