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The KOF Event

Viewed 52 times2022-4-27 05:10 PM |Personal category:My personal blog| Bang

Again the returning of the King of Fighters! I had some of the skins before like Karina-"Leona" and Dyrroth-"Orochi Chris" since I did drew in last years. So this year I decided to make the draws only using  PwP tickets and pre-order ticket, lets us see what skins can be obtain! Kinda like total 30 draws can be make by using those tickets, so I won't draw the KOF heroes anymore since I am not interest on it!
*It is not my childhood memories....

First draws:
1. Claude's Epic-Blazing Bounties skin "Blazing Trace"
2. Hanzo's Elite skin "Undead King"
3. Uterus's Basic skin "Ancient Soul"
4. Obtain 9 Magic bottle
5. Obtain 60 Rare skin fragments

Second draws:
1. Layla's Epic-Blazing Bounties skin "Blazing Gun"
2. Baxia's Elite skin "Badass Roller"
3. Helcurt's Basic skin "Exoracial Executer"
4. Uterus's Basic skin "Ancient Soul"
5. Obtain 9 Magic bottle
6. Obtain 45 Rare skin fragments

Third draws:
1. Saber's Epic-S.A.B.E.R skin "Regulator"
2. Miya's Basic skin "Burning Bow"
3. Odette's Basic skin "Black Swan"
4. Mathilda's Basic skin "Unrestrained Delighted "
5. Emoji- Fire Master
6. Emoji- I appreciate you
7. Obtain 15 Hero skin fragments
8. Obtain 45 Rare skin fragments

Hmm... If for those person who first time participate this event I think is quite worthy to get those skin. But for me, nah! Most of the skin turn to the rare skin fragments except the Claude and Hanzo's skin. Thanks that I almost have 900+ of fragments keep in the inventory as the dust... I think I quite satisfied for the magic bottles get in the event, at least I can use it for magic wheel for the future legend skin I wanted.

Rating for this event: 5/10
Except if you are those people who obsessed with the KOF skins, I am not the fans of it, I dunno who is KOF, I just know after download the MLBB... Repeat of getting same skin... Urmmm, if I pay dias but at the end I get same skins!? This is a serious issues to shows is it your dias worth spend on the event. You can search other MOBA games same as MLBB, way more cheaper. Since I have download and play it, temporarily haven't decide to quit it. 

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