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Types of People I Don't Like In Match

Viewed 53 times2022-5-21 05:51 AM |Personal category:My personal blog

I hate these types of people whenever in a match:
1. Afkers 

2. Trollers 

3. Inexperience, timid, decide too fast?... players 
- Is ok to be inexperience, but is not ok to be brainless... I really want to advice about this: 3 things to do before play the new hero: Practice in AI mode, Watch how pro player play as demo, and updated the newest version equipment. If they can understand some of function equipment more better!
- I know they do their best already, but please don't be a deserter throw the game... Do until last! You can't predict will you at the end will have the epic comeback or not! What if you actually having the chance to reverse the winning in your side, but wait!? Where are you?

4. Stubborn players 
- Brainless and stubborn, no matter how much experience you having for that hero is doesn't matter in a match! Understanding the situation and using the right equipment to against is important! Why they would persist in their own equipment rather than the people who try to convince you with more suitable equipment but you won't listen at all....
- A basic team formation(I think) MM, FIGHTER, MAGE. I think maybe they are blind, if you want to try a new hero, at least show it first or ask in the chat first. I mean come on, people have selected mage, why you still want mage, even three person in a team pick mage... Or marksman.... Speechless.... Every time having this type of situation, I will do like Uncle Roger, type in chat, Haiya! GG autolose, we fk up. Please don't think will win. Ya, I win before once... Maybe twice? But how many times you could get so lucky on it, I think the unlucky match is more than the lucky match la...

5. Trash-talker players
- Sure you will meet those players try trash talk to disturbing you... Or maybe something like: WELL PLAY WELL PLAY WELL PLAY or GOOD GAME GOOD GAME GOOD GAME... (I hope Devs can disable this two quick chat)

6. Frivolous attitude
- I mean yes it is a game, but why you have to talk like that? E.g. "Relax, classic je".... make people feel more anger on it... Not only in classic, rank too
- I know that those recall effect so stunning, very cool whatever... But sometimes I really hoping them to push the turret, why must they need to waste that little time to show off rather than pushing the tower? Actually you are giving a chance for enemy alive and their minions... It means you are giving them a second chance for an epic comeback... If happen what you should do? Congrats! You fuck up!

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