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Transformers Event

Viewed 72 times2022-5-29 03:41 AM |Personal category:My personal blog| Bang

This time coming again new 3 heroes with transformers skin! Just expensive as usual, but I not interesting their skins. Hence, this time also only use the some of the purchase ticket. Well, sure you guys found out this time Moonton provide us three phrase of purchase ticket activities, I think maybe because start having lesser people to purchasing those fancy skins, so this time MT try to encourage people to buy their skins?!  If you having notice something in most of those Youtuber, you can find out although MT provide us 3 phrase of purchasable tickets, scratch card activity, and tasks completion activity. Yet the draw in the bingo most will need  4 to 5 draws. (I watched most are 5 draws...) 

Besides, for those who don't have the previous transformers skins (Optimus Prime, Megatron, and Bubblebee). Congrats! This time you with getting these skins first before the new coming skins (Grimlock, Starscream, and Soundwave and Ravage). So pity for those people who want those new skins... Oh well, if you have those OMB skins already, maybe like you try to aim skin of Popol and Kupa, the percentage you got this skin quite low. Means that commonly you will get Aldous's Starscream skins first then Popol's Soundwave and Ravage skin.

Furthermore, I watched some of the Youtuber said you still will getting repeated skins. So, don't be sad when you really get same skins after you have get in the draws. One sentence for you: "Bless you!"

This time I purchase the ticket only with log in ticket, complete match ticket, and recharging ticket only. It means each phrase I only get like 10 pass only...

Phrase 1 (28.05.2022) :
Skins obtained:
1. Roger Transformers's skin "Grimlock" 

Skins turn code or pass:
1. Angela V.E.N.O.M.'s skin "Vespid"

Roger skin!? First guarantee skins always can't having a high expectation on it... You know what? I think this skin is combination of Granger Transformers skin and Barat skin. Add up with two little craws swing in the air and a dinosaur hoodie head cape!? Then, add up a rusty medallion yellow colour, maybe they try to make it gold? I don't feel gold yellow on it. Look stupid and funny... Keep remind me of these two hero... Make me laugh always... Failed design in Transformer skins huh?... 
Will be continue updating the blog according the phrase of purchase ticket activity!

Phrase 2 (11.06.2022) :
Skins obtained:
1. Grock Epic's skin "Codename: Rhino" 

Skins turn code or pass:
1. Lylia Basic's skin "School Idol"

Hmm... I dunno why my luck can be same? I mean same 2 skins again like phrase 1, and Grock epic skin? I don't even play tank. Speechless... Whatever! Yet, I quite surprising I get more skins while using extra pass compared with the phrase pwp pass. Besides, you can see my draw pattern with 3-6-8-X, I saw before one of the predicted pattern is like 3-6-8-5-9, seem will be alike huh. So, stay tuned for the phrase 3 update!

Phrase 3 (02.07.2022) :
Skins obtained:
1. Popol & Kupa Transformer's skin "Sound and Ravage"
2. Zilong Epic's skin "Glorious General" 

Skins turn code or pass:
1. Wan Wan Elite's skin "Shoujo Commander"
2. Pharsa Basic skin "Wings of Heaven"

This is a huge surprise! As I said before, I thought that I will have to draw more times(predicted to be 3-6-8-5-9 before) to having my second Transformer skin and the skin choice will between of Johnson, Granger and X-borg's skin. I can't believe my second Transformer skin will be Popol & Kupa's skin! Besides that, since I have purchase the starlight member and season recharge skin, I got some extra pwp pass to be use in the draw, extra skin will be mention below! 

Extra Pass: (Second Phrase)
Skins obtained:
1. Yi Sun Shin's Basic skin "Major General"
2. Khaleed's Basic skin "Crescent Simitar"

Skins turn code or pass:
1. Layla's Epic-Blazing Bounties skin "Blazing Gun"
2. Thamuz's Elite skin "Liquid Fire"
3. Alpha's Basic skin "Fierce Dragon"

Extra Pass: (Third Phrase)
Skins obtained: X

Skins turn code or pass:
1. Saber's Epic-S.A.B.E.R skin "Regulator"
2. Hilda's Basic skin "Power of Wildness"
3. Kaja's Basic skin "Commandment"

Draw pattern:

My rate towards this event is 7/10. Less skins good quality? Nah, I dunno... Yet I have to say that event with three phrase is really a good chance for people to draw more get more! 

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