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Share Transformers Event
血梅MAYN 2022-5-29 03:41 AM
This time coming again new 3 heroes with transformers skin! Just expensive as usual, but I not interesting their skins. Hence, this time also only use the some of the purchase ticket. Well, sure you guys found out this time Moonton provide us three phrase of purchase ticket activities, I think mayb ...
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Share Types of People I Don't Like In Match
血梅MAYN 2022-5-21 05:51 AM
I hate these types of people whenever in a match: 1. Afkers 2. Trollers 3. Inexperience, timid, decide too fast?... players - Is ok to be inexperience, but is not ok to be brainless... I really want to advice about this: 3 things to do before play the new hero: Pract ...
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Share System Match-Making Balance
血梅MAYN 2022-5-12 04:12 PM
It is quite a weird think not I found out when I playing the classic now, when I get 4 win streak, then I will start to lose 4 streak, something 5 win 5 lose also. I think Moonton is balance our win rate through out this way... Not so sure for those having high win rate, but for me who always like s ...
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Share Toxic Match-Making
血梅MAYN 2022-4-29 03:20 AM
font size=3I feel I am sick this season. Turning my self into a badass fucking bitch who everyday cursing myself, my teammates or enemies. Start from these few weeks, I met a lot of things, so many thing happens on me until right now I start to have a mind of shall try to uninstall the game? May ...
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Share The KOF Event
血梅MAYN 2022-4-27 05:10 PM
Again the returning of the King of Fighters! I had some of the skins before like Karina-"Leona" and Dyrroth-"Orochi Chris" since I did drew in last years. So this year I decided to make the draws only usingPwP tickets and pre-order ticket,lets us see what skins can be obtain! Kind ...
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Share Mobile Legends become lagging!
血梅MAYN 2022-3-27 04:31 AM
I feel lagging while playing the game, since when started I can't remember anymore. But, what I know is kinda when my skin having like more than 200+ it start to having this kind of lagging. You can feel the response is slow after casting a skill. For an example, today I having a match by using Zhas ...
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Share Why I Don't Play Rank
血梅MAYN 2022-3-16 05:35 AM
This is my blog, whatever I type in here, you don't have any single right to criticize. Disable comments has turned. You can't even comment! My mood is fking bad, there is a lot of reason why I don't play rank now. Yet I still will play it if my friend invited me. So, whoever saw my post before ...
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Share The Sanrio Event
血梅MAYN 2022-3-11 05:54 PM
Now I am paying again for a new event Sanrio, is event expensive in mind, I can feel more expensive than Aspirant event, maybe more unworthy than it! Well, I expect I just pay for Floryn skin only... Even I am main user of mage and support, my heart is pounding for their skins, but I know that I can ...
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Share The Improvement Of System
血梅MAYN 2022-2-7 05:06 PM
Hmm... Since I share my mood of met the unfair match making, I have reported for CS. I got their replying of "live CS" expression their apology and will keep improving their system according to this type of situation... Not bad I think, and next matches seem temporary did not occur any unfair match, ...
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Share Aspirant Event
血梅MAYN 2022-1-31 11:02 AM
I feel very unhappy to the Aspirant event... I doubt is there a system control the skin for us to draw? Fucking get the skin even less than the Star wars event... I watched so many YouTube video, so many skin to get for them is that a marketing strategics to attract those customer like me to keep on ...
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