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i still pray for the matchmaking system to improve to the point where i wont have to deal with these retarded people anymore, theyre just too much, actually, too little, in the form of chromosomes.
2022-1-10 01:48 PM Reply|
made coffee and oats for breakfast.
2022-1-10 04:18 AM Reply|
Had to leave the MLBB discord server, ive been constantly targeted for mutes, people there are hypocrites, bunch of snowflake pedophiles and groomers, thank god im gone from there.  
2022-1-9 12:58 PM Reply|
just played with an international set of allies and enemies, no lag surprisingly, but the team was still stupid.
2022-1-8 06:29 PM Reply|
just got claude, pretty pawg hero  
2022-1-7 07:11 PM Reply|
time to start the day, breafast.  
2022-1-7 06:14 AM Reply|
its almost time to sleep, finally, an end to the day, rest, reset, peace.  
2022-1-6 06:07 PM Reply|
bout to play brawl, praying to god my shit wont lag.  
2022-1-6 10:40 AM Reply|
just finished working out, office work is dont as well, i have most of the day off as usual, guess ill play
2022-1-6 09:54 AM Reply|
playing brawl atm still lagging for no absolute reason, have my internet speed up on monitor, only 9 - 11 ms, why am i still lagging.
2022-1-6 01:59 AM Reply|
WTH ML, why the sudden and random lag spikes, i have my speed monitor up on chrome and my ms is only dancing from 9 to 11, so why am i getting these spikes smh. {:cry:}
2022-1-5 06:13 PM Reply|
playing brawl, these sea allies aint sh1t, always the cause for my loses, smh.  
2022-1-5 01:15 PM Reply|
Breakfast, Workout, Drive to work, check back in the forums during the day.  
2022-1-5 05:46 AM Reply|
Currently exploring the world of the forum, first time forum using.
2022-1-4 06:33 PM Reply|

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