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The Basic Need For Human Sexual Satisfaction We Have Young Girls in Pakistan

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As a medical doctor and communicator on sexuality and health for over 8 years, Dr. Judith Williams, explains that messages for young people often focus on prevention of pregnancy, disease, and sexual pleasure. While these are important messages, they tend to ignore the most basic need of humans: the desire for pleasure. Despite the fact that many young women and men desire pleasure, our culture does not prioritize it enough.

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There is a great deal of controversy regarding the number of Hijras in Pakistan. However, the basic need for human sexual satisfaction is shared by nearly 98% of the female population in Pakistan. Despite this, the sex culture among Pakistani women is thriving, as evidenced by the growing number of couples and single mothers. The following study aims to understand what these behaviors are like for women in Pakistan.

The narrator has a strong middle class Muslim perspective, though tries to maintain neutrality throughout. There are tit-bits of Hollywood/Bollywood melodrama interspersed throughout the documentary. For example, the role of Mirza Ruswa's Umrao Jan embodies the empowerment of women through their profession. The Kanjar biradri's head argues that girls are being taught to act like men and earn 'horses' by tricking clients.

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Young girls in Lahore, Pakistan, are not a rarity. In fact, in Pakistan, the number of young girls seeking sex is increasing, especially among the poor. The country is plagued by political instability, repression of civil society, media, and religion, and escalating ethnic and religious tensions. Such factors are harming the social landscape in Pakistan, including its young girls.

While we can't ignore the societal challenges, the Punjab Government should advocate for empowering adolescents through health education. It should include SRH topics in educational curricula, establish a virtual knowledge center, and sponsor debate competitions and orientation sessions for professionals. By addressing the needs of young girls, the government can promote positive change and improve the quality of life for our youth.

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The streets of Pakistan are full of back alleys. In a slum outside Lahore, we find Saima Muhammad, her thick black hair tucked into a head scarf. Her husband, unemployed, is angry. He sends her to an aunt's house. When she was young, Saima had no choice but to perform these acts, which meant she was sent away from her home.

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